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I am an illustrator and comic artist working out of the San Francisco Bay Area. My work has seen print in the East Bay Express, the Lavapunch comics anthology, and the Missed Connections and Bridge Project anthologies. On the web, my work has appeared on the frontpages of XIP, Retrocrush, Somethingawful, and creativeskin.

Right now, I am currently working as a storyboard artist at Cartoon Network Studios on "Regular Show" by JG Quintel. It's been a culture shock fer sure-- for one, I can't get over the fact that people are paying me cash monies to draw, and for two, it's impossible to get a decent banh mi in Burbank! I used to work in Silicon Valley as a web developer at National Semiconductor. I still remember a lot of HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Perl, JSP and javascript, HONEST!!!

tobyjones: madelinequeripel: Hey! I?m doing some non-canon,...



Hey! I?m doing some non-canon, supplementary comics to go with Season 8 of Regular Show. Here?s the first one! Hope you enjoy!

What?s happening on earth? Here?s Maddie?s opinion!

This will be canon in my heart. 

I enjoyed this movie so much I made fan art of it #theniceguys...

I enjoyed this movie so much I made fan art of it #theniceguys #fanart (at Cartoon Network Studios)

Tips for making it as a professional illustrator / cartoonist


Recently I?ve been asked a lot about how to make it as a freelance illustrator / cartoonist, which made me realize that I?ve been doing this ?professionally? for 10 years now! Here are some tips that I hope will be helpful for anyone aspiring to take this weird life path?

*If you have doubts about becoming a professional artist? don?t
I?m not saying you give up on all creative activies, on the contrary I think EVERYONE should have some sort of creative outlet. But enjoying a hobby is not the same as doing something for a living. Being a ?professional? artist does not guarantee you any sort of social or economic stability. There will be moments (specially at the beginning) when you will have to compromise your passion to pay the bills by drawing things that may be quite boring and uninspiring. If you are not able to do that, then maybe you should find another job to pay the bills and keep your art making on your free time.

*Talent is nothing without hard work
Be consistent! Draw every day, as much as you can! No one is born being good, every illustrator or cartoonist you admire has worked hard to get where they are.

*Having an ?art block? is an excuse
Don?t fall into this trap. If you really want to become a pro, you have to be able to make yourself to draw even when you don?t feel like it. If you?re frustrated creatively, go for a walk, clean your working space, draw stuff from life (objects, nature, people), stay productive.

*Allow yourself to doodle mindlessly
Not everything you make has to be an ultimate finished masterpiece. Some of my best ideas come from just making horrible doodles in my sketchbook that no one will ever see.

*Draw for yourself and be your own best critic
Learn to accept criticisim and opinions, but remember that in the end you will never be able to please EVERYONE. And that?s ok. Strive to make stuff that YOU like, stuff that YOU want to see in this world. Trends will come and go, stay true to yourself.

*Take inspiration from EVERYWHERE
Don?t just stare at your favourite artists? tumblr all day. Open your mind to as many sources of inspiration as you can: old artists, new artists, nature, dreams, memories, ancient cultures, modern atrocities, outerspace, literature, movies, etc. The more you take in, the more you will allow your work to grow and the more original it will become

*Experiment with as many mediums as you can
Don?t close yourself to one medium, colour scheme, format, style, etc. Try everything once, enjoy it with no expectations rather than to experiment!

*Strive for consistency rather than having a ?style?
Don?t obssess over finding your ?style?. Allow it to keep evolving at its own pace, it will keep changing naturally. Focus more on just drawing, and drawing a lot!

*It doesn?t matter if you go to school or not
If academia works for you, and you can afford it, go for it. If not, then as long as you keep working, you have a chance to make it. I only have a high school ?degree? but thanks to the internet I?ve been able to learn whatever I want for free, like how to use Photoshop or build websites. Having a degree does not guarantee you will make it as a professional illustrator. Working hard and ?networking? are a better bet.

*Expensive tools aren?t mandatory
I draw all my comics with just a mechanical pencil and I have a 10 year old wacom tablet. I only splurge on nice Fabriano paper. This is what I?ve found that works for me. Find whatever works best for YOU, it doesn?t have to be the same as what other people use!

*Share your work anywhere you can
If you can go to fests or shows, that?s great, but if you can?t, use the internet! I grew up in Mexico City where there is no ?comics scene? but I was still able to make it because I?ve been consistently posting my work on the internet for years. Commit yourself to posting your work on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram as often as you can. Try to have a separate account for your professional work that doesn?t feature a million photos of your beautiful cat and the delicious breakfast you made today.

*Make merch
What a better way to share your work than making merch? If you don?t know anywhere to get it made locally, you can easily get anything done through the internet (just google ?custom? patches/pins/stickers/etc.?) and sell it through Etsy, Storenvy or Bigcartel. It?s a great way to distribute your work and start make some money off of it. I started selling stickers with my drawings when I was in high school to get money for beers and now I pay my rent (partly) from that!



good advice

it was fun to contribute this to Casey and Gideon?s episode!!!

it was fun to contribute this to Casey and Gideon?s episode!!!

marginalsillyart: RIGBY?S HORROR FACE! Original!!!!




tobyjones: One of my favorite Regular Show episodes I?ve worked...


One of my favorite Regular Show episodes I?ve worked on airs tomorrow! 

Please enjoy Rigby Goes to Prom! Or maybe it?s Rigby Goes to THE Prom. Not really sure. 

Owen and I were very happy to be given this outline to work on. We tried to make it special. 

Only a few more of my RS episodes are left. I hope you find them satisfactory!! Wanted to end on a good note with this one and the season finale in particular.

masaru , kiyoko & takashi #akira #espers

masaru , kiyoko & takashi #akira #espers

Curriculum Vitae


UC Berkeley '03: B.A. Cognitive Science (Computational focus)


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Web & User Interface Design, Drawing, Watercolor Painting


12/13/08 - 01/14/09@ GR2: POST IT SHOW 3

09/07/07 - 09/29/07@ RPS Gallery, Oakland CA: Dirty Drawers art show

03/20/08 - 4/27/08@ Pony Club Gallery, Portland OR: Magick show


System ONE National Semiconductor Business Application
  • Designed interface mockups
  • Collaborated with users & analysts
  • Implemented screens with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Lobbied for overhauls of outdated layout methods
  • Coded with Struts XML, JSP, Oracle, and Java
  • Built small, meaningful icons pixel by pixel
  • Built worldwide inventory and leadtime systems in small team PHP based CMS
  • Architected mySQL schemas
  • Developed a calendar based scheduler system for site postings
  • Wrote PHP generate dynamic mySQL queries
Comics Projects East Bay Express, Bridge Project, Lavapunch
  • Collaborated on scripts with writers and artists
  • Worked under tough deadlines
  • Satisfied many clients and customers to date
Web Design Projects SpiritofStone, QPS Materials
  • Created site branding from scratch
  • Drew meaningful vector web graphics

Work Experience

National Semiconductor, Santa Clara CA
Applications Programmer, 10/04 - Current

  • Primary 24/7 worldwide support for OLAP Bookings cubes and OLAP cube AIX server shell scripts and data.
  • Maintained Cognos PowerPlay Cubes
  • GUI design, Java developer, Perl developer, Oracle developer

Keynote Systems, San Mateo CA
QA Engineer, 1/03 - 6/03

  • Collaborated with QA team
  • Main developer on java stats tool & associated documentation
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The Bridge Project Anthology Comic
A Night at the Opera - A Hattie and Millie Adventure (excerpt)
Ramble On! (excerpt)
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