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I am an illustrator and comic artist working out of the San Francisco Bay Area. My work has seen print in the East Bay Express, the Lavapunch comics anthology, and the Missed Connections and Bridge Project anthologies. On the web, my work has appeared on the frontpages of XIP, Retrocrush, Somethingawful, and creativeskin.

Right now, I am currently working as a storyboard artist at Cartoon Network Studios on "Regular Show" by JG Quintel. It's been a culture shock fer sure-- for one, I can't get over the fact that people are paying me cash monies to draw, and for two, it's impossible to get a decent banh mi in Burbank! I used to work in Silicon Valley as a web developer at National Semiconductor. I still remember a lot of HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Perl, JSP and javascript, HONEST!!!

marginalsillyart: RIGBY?S HORROR FACE! Original!!!!




tobyjones: One of my favorite Regular Show episodes I?ve worked...


One of my favorite Regular Show episodes I?ve worked on airs tomorrow! 

Please enjoy Rigby Goes to Prom! Or maybe it?s Rigby Goes to THE Prom. Not really sure. 

Owen and I were very happy to be given this outline to work on. We tried to make it special. 

Only a few more of my RS episodes are left. I hope you find them satisfactory!! Wanted to end on a good note with this one and the season finale in particular.

masaru , kiyoko & takashi #akira #espers

masaru , kiyoko & takashi #akira #espers

Are you still going to be working on Regular Show? D:

Yes! I got promoted to supervising director of Regular Show earlier this year when Sean got really busy with Long Live the Royals stuff. I?ve been involved with every episode since ?Struck By Lightning.? Really psyched about this season! So many good ones.

Also I did an episode of Long Live the Royals airing tomorrow! So look out for that too! 

My last episode as a storyboard artist on RS! Me and...

My last episode as a storyboard artist on RS! Me and @caseycrowe?s tribute to ?Being There,? the coen bros, and a bunch of other stuff too! Real happy with the way this one turned out!

oweeeeendennis: In this Hello China episode of the podcast:...


In this Hello China episode of the podcast: @tobyjones talks about the evolution of Apple, @calwong brings up his memories of China, and Owen tries to point out every single thing that happened in the episode that is real thing that happened to him but still misses like 80% of them!

real talk: this episode was TURNT

jameslien: One of my favorite episodes of Regular Show boarded...


One of my favorite episodes of Regular Show boarded by @oweeeeendennis & @tobytobyjones. The production number for this show was 208 and 8 is regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture. What a lucky coincidence ?? I also helped the actors pronounce words like teacher and Kung pao chicken in mandarin during the record session. Watch tonight at 7:30pm!! #regularshow #cartoonnetwork #benson #rigby #???? #????

One of my all time faves. Check it West Coast!

Curriculum Vitae


UC Berkeley '03: B.A. Cognitive Science (Computational focus)


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Web & User Interface Design, Drawing, Watercolor Painting


12/13/08 - 01/14/09@ GR2: POST IT SHOW 3

09/07/07 - 09/29/07@ RPS Gallery, Oakland CA: Dirty Drawers art show

03/20/08 - 4/27/08@ Pony Club Gallery, Portland OR: Magick show


System ONE National Semiconductor Business Application
  • Designed interface mockups
  • Collaborated with users & analysts
  • Implemented screens with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Lobbied for overhauls of outdated layout methods
  • Coded with Struts XML, JSP, Oracle, and Java
  • Built small, meaningful icons pixel by pixel
  • Built worldwide inventory and leadtime systems in small team PHP based CMS
  • Architected mySQL schemas
  • Developed a calendar based scheduler system for site postings
  • Wrote PHP generate dynamic mySQL queries
Comics Projects East Bay Express, Bridge Project, Lavapunch
  • Collaborated on scripts with writers and artists
  • Worked under tough deadlines
  • Satisfied many clients and customers to date
Web Design Projects SpiritofStone, QPS Materials
  • Created site branding from scratch
  • Drew meaningful vector web graphics

Work Experience

National Semiconductor, Santa Clara CA
Applications Programmer, 10/04 - Current

  • Primary 24/7 worldwide support for OLAP Bookings cubes and OLAP cube AIX server shell scripts and data.
  • Maintained Cognos PowerPlay Cubes
  • GUI design, Java developer, Perl developer, Oracle developer

Keynote Systems, San Mateo CA
QA Engineer, 1/03 - 6/03

  • Collaborated with QA team
  • Main developer on java stats tool & associated documentation
From Life and Photos
Web Design
GUI Design
Icons and Logos
The Bridge Project Anthology Comic
A Night at the Opera - A Hattie and Millie Adventure (excerpt)
Ramble On! (excerpt)
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